So, I don’t really blog anymore, huh? Unfortunate.


Lots has happened. I’m probably going to update nothing about it, because it’s been too much. I’m thinking of challenging myself and trying to make a real website soon. That would be cool.


So my best friend and I have finally done something we’ve talked about doing for years and years: we got an apartment together.

There were plenty of days where we never thought that would happen, but on November 20th, 2010, the day finally arrived and we signed a lease on our apartment in Altamonte Springs. It’s so excited!

Funnily enough, her name is Kara– apparently my roommates can only be named Kara. I’ll probably have to get a dog and name it Kara after we aren’t roommates any more, so I can always live with a Kara in both of their memories.

Anyways, I am sure Kara and I will be going through lots of crazy things, because we’re crazy. Here was the first “incident” of ours, which happened to be on Thanksgiving night.

It’s hard to believe that I live in Orlando now! I mean, I have always lived in Orlando besides those 4 years I spent at SCAD… it is just weird now for the fall to be here, and for ME to be here! No more goodbyes to the my friends and family, and for the first time in a while, I feel like I have more of a purpose here (not that I didn’t before- I’m just saying how I would feel some days) rather than taking up space. That’s what it was like sometimes when I was just home for Christmas break.

But since I’ve been back I’ve been busy busy busy! My summer was spent juggling 2 weird scheduling jobs, as well as settling into life back in Orlando, getting involved in more things at my church again (this is my favorite thing), and hanging out with friends of course. I also spend 10 days in Europe with my awesome grandma, and got to go visit some friends in Dundee, Scotland and go to a wedding!

Here’s a photo of a quilt that I made for Rachel and Blair- the happy couple!


This photo doesn’t really show much… but I promise it’s a quilt that’s 50×60 inches and it’s cute.


I have been working on another quilt- one that I WILL get photographed- which is for a precious little baby girl Nadia that’s expected to be born any minute now! (In fact, she could be born before I even post this!!!)


I don’t work at Starbucks anymore either- praise the Lord. I now work at a place called CoLab, which is fun and it’s a really cool place and is a really great idea for how to do an “office”. I’m enjoying it.


I’m enjoying life in general. I love being back in Orlando and I love all the things that are happening here. It’s real good.

I really, truly, have the worlds best Grandma. I have never heard of a Grandma being as amazing, generous, kind, smart, and fun as mine is.

Today Grammy and I are hopping on a plane to celebrate my graduation from SCAD and her upcoming 80th birthday and so we’re going to Edinburgh, Scotland (and I’m also stopping in Dundee, Scotland for the weekend to go to a wedding and say hi to some of my dearest friends), and Haworth, England.

It’s going to be beautiful, the weather’s going to be amazing, and we’re going to have such a great time. It’s unbelievable that it’s not even been 9 full months since I was in Europe last and I’m already ready to go back! What a blessing.

Here’s a photo of Haworth I found on Flickr, it is going to be so pretty. (And FYI- Haworth is where the Bronte sisters are from. Also, that photo was taken in 1996. The color is awesome.)

Awful, I know.

Saying I’ve been bad at blogging is quite the understatement.

The good news is, I’ve been really busy working a lot, and have also managed to squeeze time in to make some beautiful things. No time to take photos yet though, but they’ll be here soon enough (and by “soon enough” I mean in later August once I’m home from my 9 day trip to Europe with my grammy- we leave one week from tomorrow!!!)

I have still been working at Starbucks, but I’ve also been working part time over at Rifle Paper Co. which has been tons of fun. If you’ve never looked at any of the lovely Anna Bond‘s stationary, please please please check it out– she really is one of the most talented people I’ve ever come into contact with- not to mention, she’s an extremely hard worker.

But that’s all I have for now. Good things are happening, I’m loving Florida still, and life has taken off at full speed.

This is genuine, 100% clean fun had by me and dear friends this past Sunday- the 4th of July! Really… this was the highlight of my day. It was so fun/ny.


I miss my roommate, Kara Wentz.

This photo (thanks to my friend Chris Mayers this moment was captured) basically sums up Kara and my 4 years living together. It was single handedly 4 of the most fun and enjoyable years of my life (so far, because I know both of our lives will get better as they continue), and I could have never asked for a better friend to share & endure my SCAD experience with. I also don’t think I could have made it through without her. I truly love Kara like a sister and a best friend and life just isn’t the same without her in it! (But how exciting it is that she and I will be friends for always even if we’re not in the same place.)